The Trusted Advisor – by David H Maister

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Yet another business classic! Sometimes, a lot of effort in managing a business relationship (or even a personal relationship) – ends with limited results. And as in most other things in life, this also seems to have an equation that goes to solve our problems J

This book was a suggested reading by a Trainer who took a class for me earlier this year! And one thing that made me sit up & think real hard was the following equation:

T= (C+R+I)/S

Where T= Trust Factor

C= Credibility

R= Reliability


And most importantly S= Self Orientation

And after some introspection, I find it to be Simple & Brilliant!

One can have a very high score on C,R & I and still be so full of themselves (S), that it lowers your trust factor. Go figure!

And some very good tips on how to build the trust factor to maximize what you do in life!

Worth Reading.