Goals! By Brian Tracy

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Over the last 3 weeks, I must have spoken to at least 6 people to whom I recommended reading this book- Goals- by Brian Tracy.   To me, this was one book that changed my way of doing things, and made me sit down to write down my goals.  It has made a tremendous change to me, and I thought that it would help other people as well to do this.  Many of them, I know are trying to buy this book and some had also planned/ or ordered this on Amazon. 

So imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw the above link which actually gives this book as a free e-Book.  I am putting this in my blog because this should be a "must read" book for any executive who wants to make a difference.  And if you are reading this, do take the trouble to download it. You will NOT be disappointed.

Note: Of course, it is effective only when you are leaning a bit towards getting a feeling that things are getting out of hand 🙂

Happy Reading.

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