Innovation for your bread :)

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I have been meaning to write this for the last couple of days. Could not come to it because I got busy with a training I am attending. (More on that later). During our weekend dinner outing to the Katong area, we came across this simple innovation that bowled me over! Whilst we (Indira & I) constantly think what might motivate my daughters to have their breakfast without their daily complaints (and grumbles)  – one never imagined that the solution could be in something this simple! So interesting, that it had ME interested in eating the bread with more interest!

It has to rate as one of the most innovative "tool" (I cant think of what else to call it).  This is a plastic unit that creates an imprint on the humble bread with a word that says "SMILE" – it had me say WOW looking at the bread.  I wonder why most hotels have not yet seen this or used this!  It would definitely impress their clientele. I know I would have been if I had seen this in any of the hotels I travel to.

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Innovation is still possible on small things that all of us take for granted….

Truly impressive!  In case you are interested, I bought this in Cold Storage.