Mind Maps and Tony Buzan Certification

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Singapore -24-27 March 2008

One of my key goals in 2008 was to get certified in Buzan’s Mindmapping.   It gets me a step closer to my longer term goal to be a trainer and help people achieve their untapped potential.  And the sheer opportunity to do this is amazing.

image I am currently undergoing the certification course to become a “Certified Trainer” and hope to start some level of training in the near future.  This also gets me the learning to a)officially and b) correctly train people in this fantastic technique.

Nevertheless, over the last 2 days we have had a series of thoroughly enjoyable training sessions which have taught me some new things about Mindmapping- which I had not practiced earlier.   Working with Henry and his team has been an interesting experience & I am looking forward to the rest of the 3 days to complete this.

I wanted to share this interesting output. I have absolutely no art background and when we were asked to draw a portrait it obviously had me running for cover.  But with some great ideas, and simple techniques I managed to generate the drawing below. The better looking one is the original 😉 (in case you are wondering).


100_4152 100_4150

I am obviously delighted.  The exercise to Juggle Balls was a completely different story!  Will get there as well in the near future 🙂

All said & done, I hope to complete this certification done by the end of this week. 

Wish me some luck 😉