Whose Life will you change?

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For some reason, I always thought the ads in the US were of high quality, and something interesting to watch by themselves.  After 4 days in the US, the ad quality, I must say has been a big let down, and mind numbing, to say the least :).  Most are so imminently forgettable, that I frankly do not remember more than an ad or two.

However, I saw this ad- for the American Red Cross, and it touched me!  Rarely do ads really touch me, but this one – with its line of "Whose life will you change?".   Not just did it make me appreciate the ad, but also got me started thinking…  whose life will I change.  

Going back to India, and doing a role which can make a significant impact, I am thinking to myself- that I may be in a good place, at a good time, and working for a great company, that could help me answer that….  Got a lot to be thankful for in this life.