New World Talent Search- an Employee perspective

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Back in circulation after a long time. (no excuses for that – but the oldest excuse in the world does really apply – too much travel on work and not enough time to build it).  However, time has come to focus on this- again!

I came across this article (click on the article name for the link to read it) and found it immensely interesting. Why?

In these troubled times, I am sure every employee across the world is looking at his job with renewed focus! To be without a job at this time can be a huge challenge. 

Or is it?

This can also be the time to explore new opportunities -things that we wanted to do, but did not have the time (or the Guts) to do.  Looking at it through an "Opportunity Glass" may make it look much more rosier than it really is…  There are a number of opportunities out there – maybe not in your domain- but beyond! A huge market out to be tapped.

Specific to Resume’s and getting that "traditional job", one has to move beyond the modus operandi of a "standard" job hunt now.. the resume is a "one-to-one" tool that talks to only those people who look at it. There are more people in the market than jobs (at least the good ones).  We need to move to something that offers a broader "brush’ that covers more people! Something akin to Internet Marketing- that covers the same offer to a huge audience!  Targeted message on the product (the person/employee/ his skills) to a targeted audience (Employers, influencers, Talent scouts, headhunters etc) through a focused medium (Internet is too broad- but a vehicle that gets it across- e.g Linkedin).  That is the need of the hour.  People should start looking at creating an image of themselves that is more "complete" than just the Job Description & the "key achievements" that come with it! 

I suspect this is the begging of the Next Wave.

Are we ready for it?

Me? It is work in progress!