Business Week’s Top 100 Brands in 2009

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Business Week rolled out the top 100 Brands of 2009 recently.  I was reading the article & here is a quick snapshot of the Top 10!

Top 2

image image

The next 2


And the rest…

image  image image

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That makes the group complete-

  • 4 Technology Companies
  • 1 Automobile Company
  • 2 Food & Beverage Companies
  • 1 Telco Giant
  • 1 Entertainment company
  • 1 Conglomerate (GE).

Here is a view of the rankings in 2008 & 2007! The interesting thing is the list has remained more or less the same over the last 3 years.  Except for a brand like Google that made a jump of 10 places… Innovation & consistency are 2 things that I think is critical to keep a company’s brand alive & thriving!