7 Kinds of relationships to Social Media- Extension of thought

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I was recenly reading this blog by Rajesh Shetty (http://www.activegarage.com/7-kinds-of-relationship-to-social-media). I look upto Rajesh & people like him, who seem to effortlessly churn out quality content & original thought- that keeps me wondering.  This particular blog set me thinking on similar lines. Yes, ROI is absolutely critical – but it is also a subset of the kind of audience you are referring to. For a more generic user (those spend time on Facebook, Squidoo, myspace etc) ROI, is not the central purpose of dabbling in Social media in the first place.


So where do you fit in? What could be other ways (and I am sure there are other models in place), which can be used for this? 



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For someone who spends a lot of time on the net purely for social purposes, the opportunity is to leverage the time, the knowledge gained (sic!) and convert it to some form of money!  Though, this would depend on each individuals’ personal objective for being there in the first place.

Think about it! Where do you fit in?