Seven Secrets of Networking

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I recently came across an article called: "Seven Secrets of Networking"
Basically, the author talks about lessons he has learnt over the years-

1. Have an honest intent to help others. If you have a genuine desire to help others, this will be immediately picked up by your contacts. What are you doing to demonstrate that you have their interests at heart?
2. It’s a process, not a transaction. Relationships develop over a period of time. It’s better to have the relationship already developed than trying to build it at the same time as you need to influence the other person.
3. Give to get. It is far easier to get others to spend time with you if, in the past, you have helped or provided value for them.
4. Be provocative. Don’t be a yes man or woman. People are attracted to those who have a new angle, new ideas and a different point of view. The top executives in one of my clients constantly seek out a particular senior manager, as he is always able and willing to offer interesting, innovative and inspirational ideas.
5. Connect others together. I recently organized a meeting between a client of mine who leads a team with a wide variety of backgrounds, with a US expert on managing diversity. The meeting was successful and both thanked me for bringing them together, even though I wasn’t there.
6. Keep in regular contact. Little and often is the best way.
7. Don’t watch the clock.

With the advent of tools like LinkedIn and other online Social Websites, networking has taken a new meaning- and I am beginning to realize that one should go beyond their standard network and reach out to people beyond their  zone.  Whilst one can get a lot of insights & inputs from the people within their network, one should consciously approach the broader world and build a bigger connection- one never knows what one misses otherwise.