4 Steps to turn Career Dissatisfaction at work to work for you!

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Courtesy: www.dilbert.com

Recent Gallup results from a poll conducted over 102 countries, showed that less than 20% of the people replied that they are not stressed.  

Dr. Deepak Chopra, believes stress in modern society occurs from a few key areas –

    • Career Dissatisfaction

    • Financial Concerns

    • Lack of Social Engagement

    • Lack of exercise

    • Poor Sleep

    • Poor Diet

    • Lack of Spiritual Fulfillment.

  • It is well accepted that career dissatisfaction is one of the main reasons why people get stressed. If you look at the list above, it is also the only one- which you don’t control directly – but is controlled by people outside (your boss, his/her boss, other colleagues etc.).

Like the Dilbert cartoon, many people create a mental image of what they should be doing. They also tend to compare themselves with people who have “made it” (read, got promoted) – and in many cases, instead of picking on the things that worked for the more successful folks, focus on the negatives- which creates a downward spiral.


Here are some tips on how you could possibly lower your stress level based on career dissatisfaction and convert it to a list of to-do’s that will help you ramp up & become more successful.

1.       Vision – this is something that we all are advised to do – take any leader, and they will ask you to set goals & set a BIG BOLD VISION & GOAL statement for yourself.  This is absolutely required and I am suggesting the same. Just ensure that this is a goal that is achievable- and something that you COMPLETELY believe in- and are willing to stake everything to achieve it.

2.       Do a SWOT analysis on yourself.  This is a very good exercise to figure out development areas that you need to focus on.  This will also ensure that you will be able to focus on areas that are critical for your success.  Doing a honest SWOT analysis, will ensure that you identify specific strengths to leverage on – and building a plan ground up. 

3.       People who have done well in your organization – but you don’t think they should be there! – This is a tough one.  One truth in EVERY organization – there are always people who grow into senior positions that You (and possibly others) DO not believe deserve that place.  In 20% of the cases, possibly that is very true.  However, all said and done, they still did grow- and it is going to worth your while to sit down & plan WHY and HOW they got there.  Instead of spending time badmouthing them- and thereby building stress on yourself – sit down and do a quick analysis on what worked for them.  List out their strengths- and rather than focus your energy on the negatives, focus on the positive!  Identify only Positive points – 2-3 of them – and identify traits that you need to BUILD.

4.       Now build a Plan – use any plan you are comfortable with, to build a step by step, time based, quantifiable plan.   Identify on these key parameters –

a.        Things/ Skills you want to learn in the next 12 months

                                                               i.      Tip: Focus on Learning – and identify specific SKILLS that are unique and those that you will not learn otherwise.

                                                              ii.      Work within your job area- and still look at things you can go deeper on.

                                                            iii.      When you feel low- READ through your vision statement & identify the one thing you can do immediately to get back your energy.

b.       Things/ activities you will achieve in the next 6 months

                                                               i.      Specific- that feeds into your long term goal.

c.        Specific activities I am going to do on a Monthly basis

                                                               i.      List out

                                                              ii.      Identify people to work with – and support you need.

d.       Things I will do today to make it happen.