SIMPLIFY- The Art of being succinct

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So you have a “killer idea”! Great.

Imagine a situation, while you are in the lift, and your MD walks into the lift.

“What’s up?” he says.

“Well, I am doing this…….” and you start on your monologue, and by the time you come to the interesting part, the lift stops, and he gets off…

“Good to see you again”, he says and disappears!

You wonder, “What happened just now?” as you see his retreating back and the door of the lift closes.

You just lost a great opportunity to share your biggest project and an to share your plans with a senior leader – and possibly get some feedback.

This is one of the most important aspects of what your professional life- and most of us miss the opportunity time and again, to create the impact, that we are setting out to do.

So how do you go about it? Here is a quick snapshot of how you could possibly go about it –

1. Create a complete docket of your project. It is important to have the entire end to end details of the program in 1 place (this is yet another issue with most of us, but that is another topic).

2. Create 1 page summary of your project

  1. What is the project all about
  2. What is the problem being solved
  3. What is it that you are doing
  4. What is the outcome you expect from this project
  5. What is the investment that is required/ being made
  6. Who are the people involved in this.

Identify the hook that you will use to get people’s attention.

3. Create a 1 min- elevator pitch based on the above.

  • Write down the key points based on above.
  • Practice it a few times with people around you – friends, family etc.
  • Focus on the outcome & what it will do the people it is targeted at.

4. For your email communication or any other form of written communication, try and do this (courtesy –Faycal).

  • Write an Executive summary with the “hooks” and a gist of what you are doing. It could be 4-5 bullet points from the 1 page summary you have created.
  • Enclosed a more detailed note as an attachment.
  • For people who find this relevant and interesting, they can open the attachment and read through the document.

Try this in every communication you have, with your peers or with your manager (or their managers)- make it less verbose- and improve the quality of content- You will find people listening to you and giving you feedback, recognition and other things that will make you feel good plus more importantly grow in your role and your company.

Fast Forward-

You in the lift again, and your GM walks in.

This time he is careful and says, “Hello.. how are you?” (He remembers your rambling even now and is extra careful).

You say, “I am well. I am just finalizing the program that will help us get us grow our business in XYZ segment by  240% in the next 3 months , all by spending less than $5K”.

He looks at you with interest and says, “Why don’t you come and have a tea with me and tell me more”!

Mission accomplished.

Try it out.