iPad Vs. Netbooks – Emerging trends

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Recently I had written an article on iPads Vs. Netbooks.

During a trip to Singapore since then, I had the opportunity to actually see an iPad.

I stand corrected in my note- because I think it is unfair to compare it with the Netbooks. 

The packaging & the product positioning does not actually do it justice to compare it with Netbooks.  I think it a very unique positioning that Apple is pushing for the iPad.

That said, a huge number of iPads have been sold in the first 3 weeks since launch. I believe, the product still has some time to go before it gets ready for the broader market. Like I said in my earlier post, it will version 2 or 3, which will shake the market – if there was not competition.  Unlike the iPod, this time round, the HP Slate and other similar products are bound the hit the market before that- which will give a much better user interface & features, which the iPad lacks in its current avatar.

A recent article in Businessweek by Rich Jaroslovsky – Diary of an iPad Man is a great article that highlights some of the shortcomings (and positives) of iPad

  • Sunlight – usage outdoors is a challenge
  • Using a Word processor was difficult
  • Data entry into a spreadsheet was very cumbersome

What worked well were –

  • Kindle books were apparently good
  • Battery life is good

All said and done, I think, this is a product that has created a new market segment- just like the Netbook did 3 years ago! The iPad will spawn a number of products that will address a new way of using these Computing devices, and that is the value that Apple has created.

That said, will it be the leader? Possibly not- because with the HP Slate & the other products from Acer, Lenovo, Dell etc round the corner, it will not be that easy to corner the market share.   But Apple will make changes, and bring out features that will make the product unique in the coming quarters. 

Indeed a good time for us consumers.

For now, I will stay with the Intel, Windows platform and await the launch of the HP Slate!