Re-ignite the desire to read – Join a library- Review of Just Books, Bangalore

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Just Books is a recent addition to Bangalore.  Very few people I know (and that includes me), really know where the book library in Bangalore is.  In fact the most common and desired libraries here are the Video libraries :).

Recently I saw an article on Just Books and a few days later, saw one of its outlets on my way to office. 

A few weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised to have one open near our residence. And I did the next best thing-  I joined this Library yesterday.  After Singapore, where the Libraries are super efficient,and the art of reading is actively encouraged by the Government, I was missing the same concept here.

With a great collection of books, I have managed to get my children & my nephew into the reading habit.  Hopefully this will help to wean them away from the idiot box! If you are in Bangalore, then you may want to check out this website ( & join them as well.  Worth the money you are investing.

That also made me think – for a library in India, which needs to survive & grow in the Indian market- how does one go about building the base?  Here are some thoughts that came to mind & something that I will share with them when I meet them next –

  • Awareness campaign
  • Create a value-based campaign – not just a “join the library” but a “Why you should join us”.
  • Not a burst promo- but a clear message on what “value” this library is going to highlight – a series of promo’s – build a mailing list & correspond with them.
  • Talk about new books – and lead them to the library
  • Get some authors to visit & talk
  • Put some video programs to highlight specific books
  • Messaging based on needs
    • In India, this is the month when the children are in the midst of their annual vacations.  Read that as most parents tearing their hair out trying to figure out how to keep their children occupied. Build a opportunity and attract more people using this. Example- “Teach your child the value of reading a book” OR “Teach your child to “Speed Read” and read more books & build their knowledge” .
  • Create regular “events” where you get the target audience together
    • Children and youth – and how to get them to be better at what they do – and set a timetable for weekly visits. Charge those who are not members. Or actively invite members & their friends.
  • Incentives to join the library
    • Members bring more members and get rewarded.
  • Recommendations of books & a process
    • Easy process for users to recommend books & a process to turn this around
    • Recommendations on books
    • New book summaries for users to browse through
  • Online tools to select books & in-store tools to support the same
  • Check out books & returning books to be a super easy and timeless process. (The Singapore libraries have made this to an art form- drop in to a Singapore community centre library the next time you are there to really experience this).
  • In general, the experience at Just Books was very good. They are sitting on a huge opportunity –and if they are able to get people to join or experience the visit to the library, they could turn this into the next big thing in India. Kudos to the owners who have created this unique idea into a business opportunity! Hope some of these tips help 🙂

    Check them out.