2 steps in changing your perspective of life!

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Not what we  have, but what we use

Not what we see, but what we choose

These are the things that mar or bless human happiness

Joseph Newton

Every now and then people have a challenge – and get stuck with some problem that may appear to be insurmountable. Some drown and some come through it with flying colours. Let us talk about those who make it through!


I have friends of mine who were made redundant in their jobs- for no fault of theirs.  Instead of wallowing in self-pity, I saw them emerge stronger, and more secure in their approach towards life.


How did they do it?


I believe they changed their view of life. Rather than look at what the rest of the world looks at (the negatives), they choose to look at the positives.


They shifted their perspective of life.


They saw life differently – and that is what made the difference to them.


Here are some tips on how to change the perspective- and do things differently –


1.    At a personal thought process level –

      Focus on how far you have come, not how far you have to go.

      Focus on what you have rather than what you lack- a.k.a Count your blessings. Seriously – how often does one do it?

o   Take 5 min of your time now- and list out things that are blessings for you

§  Family

§  Kids

§  Dog/ pets that make life complete

§  Friends who stand up for you

§  Maybe a great work environment

§  Perks on the job

§  The car you have

There are always numerous things that work well despite the challenging situations you may be up against.

List them out

o   Tear that paper out and carry it with you always!


2.    At an Action level – do the following 

a.    Focus on the solution – not the problem

                                         i.    List out the problem statement and position it as a question to be solved. Instead of saying “I have been fired from this job” – ask – “What can I do now that I have an opportunity to start afresh?”

1.    Do a mindstorm – and list out 20 things you could differently

2.    Prioritize and start doing the top 3 immediately.

b.    Think of – “How can I leave my mark on this role”

                                         i.    It will force your mind to identify at least 2-3 things that should be your hallmark and the “legacy” you leave behind


Remember-In all situations, remember, what you have, is your ability to CHOOSE.

That is what makes the difference.