3 Success principles – Creating IMPACT at work

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Most of you who work are constantly in situations where you are not happy or excited about things at work.   There are many things that are caused by Organizational politics or culture. How many times do you take that coffee break where you berate your organization or your colleagues for being hare-brained about something or not being able to see something clearly!


The next time you feel like doing something like that (or catch yourself doing it), think about what is it you can do about it – and learn something new that your learning. Changing your attitude, and your approach to these problems could take a long way to positoin yourself for better things in the future- for you and your company.


Here are 3 quickies that you could follow –

Take initiative – don’t wait for instructions

You see a problem – think about whether it is something that is causing problems to you and the organization.  Act on it.  Think what you can do about it – possibly highlighting this to the people responsible- and just do it!


There are a lot of people who “would like to do it” but don’t go around to doing it. 80% of these people who thought about it don’t act on it- and the single biggest reason that most issues do not get noticed and hence not solved.


3 words of advice – in the words of Nike- Just Do It!

Focus on the opportunity (and the solution), not problems

If you are the employee, look at a problem as an opportunity!  Every problem presents multiple opportunity for you to act on. Use these windows to create your own personal brand (not to mention learning’s). You will be helping yourself MORE than the company.


Take personal responsibility for fixing things. Don’t blame others for that you don’t like

This is the single most important time waster – and something that most of us do not do.  Rather than blame someone for things that you don’t like (or they are not doing), see how you can help them and help the team do it better.  Take personal responsibility for the outcomes of all the activities that are not working the way you want them.


3 simple acts to a better experience at work – both at a professional and personal level.

Try it- and life will be more meaningful for you and for the people around you.