Are you a Cowboy or a Team player? Your future depends on this answer!

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"The man who gets the most satisfactory results is not always the man with the most brilliant single mind, but rather the man who can best coordinate the brains and talents of his associates." Alton Jones, industrialist

Really- there is no other way to succeed.

The cowboy days are long gone.

To succeed, one must, I repeat, one must, work with the broader team. You need to get off the horse and join the crowd.

The more people who share a common purpose, a common goal, and committed to the same outcomes, the better it will be for you to overachieve.

Think about what you are doing today – and how many projects that you are trying to carry on your shoulders!

Shrug off the old sentiments (of sole glory) and work towards team glory.

Success will follow.

Branding will follow as well.

Step back and think… it could change your life!