Express Case Study- Building a brand- Illy

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While recently reading about building a brand, I was stuck with the work that Illy does for their coffee.. Not a very fond drinker of these coffees, I have noticed this brand of coffee and machines across the world..

This is what I found very interesting-

  • They are the largest seller of espresso coffee in the world
  • They buy coffee from 18-19 countries
  • But they have only ONE blend… (think about it – so many different coffees but only one blend)
  • They have coffee tasters sitting around for weeks trying to mix this one with the other one and so on, to have the one blend that they figure is the best.
  • They then finalize that blend and then do all kinds of roasting (deep, medium, light and decaffinate as required). 

Why? So that the customer has the same experience everywhere.

That- to me, is what it takes to build a brand.

Something that involves a great vision, complete clarity on how to execute it, and then execute it flawlessly.

No different from what we should do, to build our own “Brand” out there. 

Courtesy Source: DNA News (6 September, 2010).