Love what you do..

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This is an oft repeated advise in various personal development courses (and books).   Many a motivational speaker has become richer telling this- and here we are, reading this blog, and wondering, how many more will say this.

And you know what? So it is.

If you don’t love what you are doing, you won’t be happy at it or good at it- and worse, it will show.…and , this is great advice on paper for people who have an option.

For many of you (as it is for me), that option does not exist.

You are doing things which you just have to do because you have very limited choice.

So how do we make work life totally enjoyable?

First find something that you love in your job.  There must be SOMETHING in your job that you love (apart from shutting shop end of the day). Find that.  Focus your energy around that area- and bring in one new thing into that circle (of things you love doing) everyday.  You will be surprised at how your energy levels will start going up post that- and your work will start shining. 

From a job that was “boring”, “not stretching my abilities”, it will become more interesting & the passion will rise every day.

Stardom is just one task away!

Let me know if this works.