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Yet Another video- Never give up. ever!

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And you thought you had problems!

This is another great example of not giving up!

Never give up- despite all odds. (these odds are difficult to beat)

Go for it- and work hard. You will get your rewards.

Brilliant Video. Live you life to the fullest.  Find ways to get up – every time you fall! Don’t give up. Get up. And keep going. 


Motivational video

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Nothing comes easily – especially success.

I found this video – very simple and supremely inspiring.

How behind every superstar, there is oodles of efforts and pain.  Why we need to spend that same level of effort to propel us forward. 

What makes the difference between the person who is first and who comes behind!

Watch this everyday!

Go through this every single day- and motivate yourself to put in that effort- to bring the passion to the fore- that will propel you to bigger things in life!  

All the best. Happy Viewing.


Inspiring Poem from “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

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While reading the book “Think and Grow Rich”, I came across this beautiful poem.  This is the precursor to the numerous differently articulated messages from various authors and books (The Secret).  I was amazed with the book –and ask you all to read it – if you have not done so.

“I bargained with Life for a penny;  And Life would pay no more; However, I begged at evening;  When I counted my scanty store.”

“For Life is just a employer;  He gives you what you ask;  But once you have set the wages; Why, you must bear the task.”

“I worked for a menial’s hire; Only to learn, dismayed; That any wage I had asked of Life ; Life would have willingly paid.”

There are some excellent tips on how to reprogram one’s mind to get to a victory mindset (in this case- a Rich Mindset).  I loved the  language which has a tinge of the early 1900 English prose. 

Check it out.!



Free Education–The Khan Way!

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Amazing stuff…

While browsing through the net looking for stuff to help my children learn about concepts better than they do in school, I happened on the Khan Academy

In an era where everyone looks at monetizing their offerings, here is a special person who has provided a whole bunch of stuff meant for children – free. 

This is the kind of work required for us in India to touch the Million plus children who never go beyond rote reading and many many others who drop out of school.  

Thinking out of the box!

I am sure there are many many more such sites- and I will keep sharing while I stumble upon more of them in the coming days.  Stay tuned.


Organized Retail in India- Titbits!

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Organised retail in India is expected to increase from 5 per cent of the total market in 2008 to 14 – 18 per cent of the total retail market and reach US$ 450 billion by 2015, according to a McKinsey & Company report titled ‘The Great Indian Bazaar: Organised Retail Comes of Age in India’

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