The Future

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The future is what we are creating.

I was stuck with this quote below by John Schaar- and it has got me thinking.



What exactly do I want to achieve with this blog.  This is a difficult question to answer (I guess, better late than never to ask those questions).

It originally started off with an online presence and since then evolved to something different.   The tag line of “Make a Difference” opens up a flurry of questions on “What Difference”? 

I have been thinking on that – really!  There is a lot more one can do- to make the difference.

I will work on that line going forward…. I plan to look and post items which really MAKE A DIFFERENCE to me- and hopefully to some of you. Be it Technology, Applications, Personal thoughts or books that have helped shape my life.   Do continue to give me feedback as many of you do by writing to me.