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Innovative Sites – 1

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What an amazing idea!

For US$5, a host of things you can go and get done on the web.  A whole bunch of people out there, who are ready to create unique stuff for a fiver! 

Though I cannot comment on the quality, the idea is brilliant!

This is the kind of stuff that will change our world.

It already has.

Are you on it already?


What kind of a Hiring manager are you?

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A disciple once asked Socrates. “Sir, you ask everyone who wants to become your disciple to look into the pond and tell you what he sees. Why is it so?”

Socrates replied: “It is quite simple. One who sees the fish swimming around, I accept him. Others who see their own reflection are in love with their ego. I have no use of them.”

Here is the question for you – What kind of a hiring manager are you?

Do you look for people who see the fish swimming around (see a different perspective) or they are a mirror image of yourself (see the world the way you see it).    The growth for you as a Manager, and for your company is in you hiring a person who brings a radically different perspective compared to yours! 



The 10 Commandments of Steve Jobs

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I got this from a friend of mine- so not sure where this was originally published. Nevertheless, with all credit to the author of this,  I wanted to share this because I think there is a lesson for each of us to learn from this man.

Hate him, love him, but you certainly cannot ignore him. Let us look for what we can learn from him!

10 Commandments of Steve Jobs