Have you left your MARK?

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With a look bordering on panic, Weatherhead School of Management Professor Richard Boland Jr. watched as Matt Fineout, an architect with Gehry & Associates, casually tore up the plans for a new building.

image Boland and Fineout had been struggling for two full days to remove some 5,500 Square feet from the floor plan designed by star architect Frank Gehry, while leaving  groom needed for meeting spaces and office equipment.

At the end of the marathon planning session, Boland had breathed a sigh of relief. “It’s finally done,” he thought.  But at that moment, Fineout rose from his chair, ripped the document apart and threw the scraps into a trash bin.

He responded to Prof. Boland’s shocked expression with a gentle shrug and a soft remark- “We have shown WE can do it; now we need to think of HOW we want to do it”.


This is a fantastic  example of how some companies and some successful people go about creating magic in what they do.

For them, it is not about just doing a job! It is about leaving their mark! 

Every time you start a project, think not just about the outcome – but think about how you will leave your mark!

Think of every project you have done over the last couple of weeks-

  1. List out if there is anything you could have done differently
  2. What would you have done to evoke a “WOW” from your readers, bosses, colleagues?
  3. Now look at your current project.  What are you doing about it? What can you do differently!
  4. Just do it for the current project. Look for the changed feedback!