Surpass Expectations–Always

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“It’s never crowded along the extra mile.”




Have you been to a Nordstrom before?  I had not till I read about it in a book a year back.  I read that Nordstrom’s staff provides extra-ordinary service and some great stories to back it up.   I was truly intrigued.

Did I look it up when I was in the US and visit.

You bet, I did!


To experience the support everyone raves about.  And why do they do that?

Because they want to.

Surpassing expectation is something you should build into your DNA.  Anything you do with your clients, your colleagues, your friends, your family – is an opportunity to set and surpass expectations. 

Leave that WOW feeling behind – and they will remember the experience a lot longer than they may remember the occasion.

Make a commitment today, to be world class- irrespective of what you do.   Every job you do, gives you an opportunity to do something world-class, to make a difference. 

What would you accomplish if you were willing to go the extra mile, put in that extra effort and a little bit more service? 

Think of the super market where you look for a cashier who is more enthusiastic than the one who is grumpy…  the extra effort from the happier cashier always pays off – and he or she does not do it because they get paid more – it is because they choose to!

Start surpassing expectations – start with one now!