Take up the Responsibility!

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Ninety Nine percent of all failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses”

George Washington Carver

Think about it. How many of us are culprits when it comes to making excuses. Blaming others for being the cause of all the issues we face! There are always reasons everyone has, about why they have not been as successful as they imagine themselves to be. 

However, to be successful, the first rule you need to follow is to be 100% Responsible! – for yourself. 

If something goes wrong, as it will many many times, ask yourself – “How did this happen? What were the things that went wrong? Where did they go wrong? How could I have made the difference there? What do I need to do differently next time to get the results I want?”

In a discussion with my manager, I had this interesting dialogue. 

We were discussing issues with a particular customer, and I was explaining all the challenges they were facing and why even if we were keen to commit the numbers that we will sell, it was going to be a challenge!  His point was interesting. He said “What happens in the market is fine- but what is relevant is about what you are doing about it? Are you waiting for things to happen OR are you going out and finding how you can fix it”.   Though it was unpleasant, it was real!  I was blaming the world and the economy for something that I should have been proactively addressing!  Rather than come with just a problem,I should have had a menu of solutions that we could have discussed better!

In your everyday life, think of the issue you are facing- and rather than blame someone around you- think about what you are doing about it!

Let us focus on being 100% responsible this year!