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A Million Thanks- and taking a step forward!

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I was reading this article about a girl who created a Movement.   And it set me thinking- how many of us, do something about ideas that come to us- about possible areas where we could touch people’s lives?


Shauna Fleming was watching a report one night when she caught a report about American soldiers overseas feeling unappreciated by the people back home.  She needed to fulfill a community service credit at school, and the news report gave her an idea.

“Dad,” she told her dad, “I’m going to send thank-you notes to the troops”.  

“Great,” he replied absently. 

“How many do you think I’ll need?”

“A Million,” he said. 

She took him at his word and proceeded to call, write, and email everyone she knew about writing to the American troops, and they each called a friend themselves and so on. The word spread – and before long she got a call from Associated Press which put her story out on the wire to newspapers around the world.

Boxes and boxes of letters arrived at her school and before long she along with her friends were dispatching letters to the soldiers around the world.  She was invited to deliver the millionth letter in person to President Bush in the Oval office.  

She created the organization , A Million Thanks, and they are currently over 5.2M letters- and still coming.

How is that for creating a Movement that touches people’s lives.

What have we done about something that we believe in? Have we touched someone’s life – at least once today?  

Story courtesy- “The Power of Small” by Linda Kaplan Thaler & Robin Koval.