The One Book you must read…

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This is one book that I have seen in book shelves in Airports, and other places over the years.   It took me almost 17 years since I saw this book and I never bought this.   Why?

I thought it looked too simplistic & too irrelevant to my complex problems.


I ultimately never bought it.


My colleague and friend Megs, ultimately, decided to buy me this book.


And has it impacted my life!


This is one book everyone should carry with them- and read it every few months to ensure things are moving as per plan.  I strongly recommend you pick up this book immediately or better buy it online from either Kobo or Amazon and store in the cloud so that you can read it when you want to.


I wanted to share a few key ideas that impacted me the most in this book.




In today’s world, one has to be constantly anticipating change, and adapt to change quickly.   Also, in line with the times, we have to start looking at other ways of looking for new Cheese & build new skills to make your own cheese as times change.  


A lot of ideas worth thinking about.


A Life Changer in a small book.  45 minutes to read- and a life to change. Go for it. 




A Mindmap of the book- Blog address –