Dengue… The Emerging Epidemic

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When we were in Singapore, I heard the disease called Dengue.  Numerous ads on TV’s, newspaper ads, and even sincere volunteers trying to help me understand the dangers had no effect. I left Singapore in 2008 with limited knowledge of this disease.

This week my daughter was diagnosed with Dengue, and everything came together.  I realized belatedly that I knew precious little of this often heard disease- and assumed that I would never cross its path.   With my younger daughter getting admitted in the hospital, I realized why I did not know too much of the disease. 

All the ads and pamphlets were too complex for me to read, and remember.

Everyone close to me and friends of our family who came to visit or enquired about my daughter, was as ignorant about the disease as I was.  (No solace in the fact that they also did not know).  

Reading in the web brought me articles that were lengthy, and not very easy to read.

Trying to explain this to my daughter, I thought the best way to do this was through an Infographic. 

Well, the Infographics I found on the net were too detailed or specific to certain countries.

So, here is my first cut view of the Dengue Infographic. 

I am using this to explain this to my daughter/ friends- and I realize this could be useful to a lot more people. 

Take this seriously, friends.

This is a bad disease for anyone to get, last of all your children. 

Click on the link below for the complete Infographic.



This is a very serious problem, I have realized, and this too because it hit somewhere close to home. I hope more and more people will be learning more about this and taking preventive measures.  

Any other feedback would be a great.