The Free Agent Nation…

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In his book “The Brand You 50”, Tom Peters, speaks brilliantly about the need to create yourself as a “brand”.   Written in 1999, the book was, in many ways, way ahead of his time (but then, Tom Peters has always been ahead of his time).   


It gives some great ideas of transforming yourself from an “Employee” into a brand that shouts distinction, commitment and Passion!


One idea that has stuck with me – and has at last helped me move on in that direction was articulated powerfully in his last chapter… and I quote verbatim –


50. Welcome  to the Free Agent Nation.


  • – New Economy
  • – Unit-Of-One
  • – Independence
  • – Freedom
  • – Self- Reliance
  • – Icon- woman
  • – C-o-o-l Dude/ Dudette
  • – Cool Shit
  • – WOW! Projects (or Bust.)
  • – Imagination Inc.
  • – Restless Renegade.




I am not sure if it made sense then… but it makes tremendous sense now.

The times have changed- and the more you look around, the more you realize it. No job is secure.   Everything you assumed and took for granted in your career and in your company  may not be true anymore. If it has not hit you yet- it will. 

It is not the years of service that matters!

It is the quality of service and the value you bring that matters.

What are your WOW! Projects.

It is time to start thinking of being a unit of ONE- with skills that help your customers (the company you work for, or do a project for). 


This is a MUST READ book for any of you who has reached the stage where you think you can take the plunge!


It is exciting! This is the time… Maybe not in 1999 – but definitely in 2013!


Start preparing to take your first steps in this direction and start thinking differently.


If you have not read it, I strongly recommend you to read this book.  It will worth your time.  Pick it up in Kobo or Amazon.