Learning from a Tragedy

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I lost my mother on the 14 December 2013.   It was undoubtedly a very distressing time for me, my family  and of course my father, who was devoted to my mother. 

During the 20 days she was in the MIOT Hospital in Chennai , she suffered because of various reasons.   She lost the battle after fighting valiantly and left a void that will be difficult to fill.   And while I think the entire staff helped in a way that I can never repay them, it taught me something invaluable. 

Something that I think my mother would have wanted me to carry forward and share with others.


Acknowledge and Thank all those who helped – from the heart.

Despite the outcome, it is important to thank the people who helped in any way possible!  A Thank You to them, given freely and genuinely, from your heart, does wonders to heal a heart that is heavy & to those who did as much as they could to help your loved one.  Do this face to face- not on the phone, or by mail. They can follow – but the instant you do it directly, it touches them in a way nothing else would.   And they would help others and possibly make the day for some other patient. 


Do this for people who also may not have helped- and you change them in a way nothing else would. 


Thank you Dr. Mohandass – MD of MIOT Hospital for all that you did.