Heroes of Bangalore

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Do you remember reading the book- Influence without Authority?

You should, if you have not.



How many of us complain about not being given a chance to prove our worth?  How many of us walk away from opportunities, just because we feel we are not  qualified or not allowed to.


Here is an example of someone who went beyond their situation. A couple of weeks back, I was trying to reach home during the climax of the Ganesh Chaturthi.   The entire stretch of Coles Road on Frazer Town, Bangalore was jam packed. As is wont in India, every inch of the road is taken up with every possible vehicle. 


Suddenly, I heard a series of whistles, and the vehicles started moving slowly.  Another 15 minutes later, the traffic started moving smoothly.   Unheard of here in Bangalore.   A small, diminutive man, stood in the middle of the road and managed the traffic for the next 30 minutes.   Once the jam cleared, I saw him walking away and to my amazement, saw him getting into an auto.


Ali, the auto driver, is one true hero of Bangalore. 


I caught up with him later- and asked him about this.  He said, he was not allowed to be a traffic supervisor, and hence, whenever he got a chance, he did what he loved.


Here was a man, who, theoretically, has no authority.  He is usually the one who gets scolded for not following basic road rules.  The last man, you would expect to do something like this.


He taught me something very important that night.  


Don’t wait for someone to give you authority to get anything done.  Take what you have, and do what you can.   Make the most of what you have.


Salutes to you, Ali.  You truly rock.


You are my motivation!