The One Book You Need To Read on Dec 31

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As we end 2014, it is time to reflect and plan for the next year.  Whilst, most of us, will be planning on new goals, here is my suggestion!


Plan NOT to make any new year resolutions!

At least not yet.


Instead, think of what we should be doing – to ensure we can sustain beyond 48 hours! Without feeling defeated by not being able to adhere to our own resolutions! 


And the reason is simple why we fail.  It is because resolutions are “DIFFICULT TO KEEP”.  They are designed to fail- and we just CANNOT make them successful.


At least the majority of us. 


Instead, what is required is “MINI HABITS” – that will set you up for success.  In a way, where you trick your brain to think it is actually possible- and to make it happen.


May I suggest, you start with buying this book – and in keeping with the times, download it through Amazon and give it a read. It is easy- and you can finish it in a couple of hours.  


This book is especially very useful if you find making your commitments stick.   This is an easy read- and you will enjoy this.



This may be the best book to start your new year with! 


Try the book out.  And if you do decide to try out some of the ideas in it- I guarantee this to you- you will have a glorious time ahead.


So there.  All the best.


Have a grand 2015- and my wishes for the greatest year of your life.