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Achieve your potential – Tip #498 –Don’t hurry. Your boat will not leave without you!

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Many people run through life as though it is a 100m sprint.  Think of it more as an Ultra-marathon.  That will take you down scenic and memorable routes. Through some really tough times. But it will make you stronger. It will make you wiser.

If you do want to think of it as a race- run it as a marathon. If  you can think of it as otherwise, take your time, decide on what really excites you- and then make your move! Your boat is yours! It will stay docked till you are you ready to board.

Enjoy your life.

Make it memorable.

Help others.

More power to you!


What Dalai Lama taught us about our life in a Startup

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Dalai Lama is undoubtedly an inspirational leader! He is one of the most positive human beings I have seen, heard and read about. While reading the Deccan Herald today, I came across these rules (18 of them and I picked the top 5 which I wanted to share -with some thoughts of my own pertaining to running your own Startup.

Rule 1: Take into account that great love and great achievement involves great risk.  Absolutely!  The rewards are always commensurate with the risks you take in life!  Take risks, of course, calculated ones- and see the rewards spilling out in the long run.  Leaving your corporate job and creating a startup is a risk. A major risk at the time when you leave.  Irrespective of the outcome, great achievements are round the corner -and you need to have complete BELIEF in that!  Go with the approach- and you will come out richer, better and stronger!

Rule 2: When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.  You will lose in many of the battles you take up.  Which is good.  Remember, they are not the end of the world.  As a startup, we lose customers- but we learn lessons from why we lost them.  Look for a learning in every misstep you take.  And the more you take, the more lessons that you learn – which makes you sharper in the longer run.

Rule 3: Not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck.  Always!  It may be bitter and makes you feel even more desperate! Ultimately in the long run, it is all for a good reason.   We lost some great opportunities (it looked like that at that point in time), but in the longer run, we realised it was good that we did not win them.  Go with this attitude into many of your discussions- and you will end up a winner in the long run.

Rule 4: Learn the rules so you know how to break them.   The objective is not to break the rules. It is to understand how you can think out of the box and approach a challenge differently. Innovatively.   As an employee you end up always having to work the rules- but as an entrepreneur, you have a chance to reset the rules.  Follow that. For that- learn the rules first… and find ways of rewriting them.

Rule 5: Share your knowledge. Its a way to achieve immortality.   The Path of an entrepreneur is a lonely one.  But remember, there are a lot of people wanting to follow the same path.  Show them the road. Be free with the feedback. Help them navigate the path basis what you have learnt.  It is not about immortality- but it is highly satisfying- and that makes a big difference.  If you are a believer- then remember, it will all pay itself back in the long run.

Being a Startup has its share of risks & disappointments. But the rewards far outweigh the risks you take to do this. Irrespective of the outcome, you will also always emerge better than before – and that is the best outcome of becoming an Entrepreneur.

Go and try it. Live your life. Live it well.  Leave your mark in the world!

Thank you, Dalai Lama for these life lessons.


The One Book You Need To Read on Dec 31

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As we end 2014, it is time to reflect and plan for the next year.  Whilst, most of us, will be planning on new goals, here is my suggestion!


Plan NOT to make any new year resolutions!

At least not yet.


Instead, think of what we should be doing – to ensure we can sustain beyond 48 hours! Without feeling defeated by not being able to adhere to our own resolutions! 


And the reason is simple why we fail.  It is because resolutions are “DIFFICULT TO KEEP”.  They are designed to fail- and we just CANNOT make them successful.


At least the majority of us. 


Instead, what is required is “MINI HABITS” – that will set you up for success.  In a way, where you trick your brain to think it is actually possible- and to make it happen.


May I suggest, you start with buying this book – and in keeping with the times, download it through Amazon and give it a read. It is easy- and you can finish it in a couple of hours.  


This book is especially very useful if you find making your commitments stick.   This is an easy read- and you will enjoy this.



This may be the best book to start your new year with! 


Try the book out.  And if you do decide to try out some of the ideas in it- I guarantee this to you- you will have a glorious time ahead.


So there.  All the best.


Have a grand 2015- and my wishes for the greatest year of your life.


Be a Giver… the rest will follow

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Adam Grant, a Professor at Wharton, has written a book “Give & Take – A Revolutionary Approach to Success”, which gives some great insights into the behaviour of people. 

It classifies people into 3 categories in the world –

  1. – Givers
  2. – Takers
  3. – Matchers


His studies has shown that a majority of the people are “Matchers” who try to balance giving & taking.  A few are Givers and a few are only Takers.  I am sure you can relate to people in your family, office and in your community, who will fit into these 3 categories.


You can read more about it here


My personal thoughts differ a bit on this.  


I have seen, time and again, that the satisfaction one gets by “giving” rarely comes in the “taking”.  In today’s world, it is imperative that one learns to “Give” more than they “Take”.   In almost every instance, in my personal life, I have seen that things always work out & people who I have had the opportunity to help/ support, always support me when required.  


Rather than trying to “Balance” what you give vs. what you take, make it a WIN-WIN equation always- and do things that will help the other person- and there is always a payback to you in some manner.


And unlike Dr. Grant’s perspective, I don’t think I have done too badly from a career perspective.




In your professional life, remember-

  • Givers and takers
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