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Delighting a customer…

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Recently I had written an article on finding two gems… one of which was Grammarly. In fact, I wrote it and forgot about it post that. Imagine my surprise when I get a mail from the Grammarly team where they thanked me for referring their product in my note.

I believe this is an excellent example of great customer experience where I feel good about the product, and they add on top of that and delight me by acknowledging my comment.

The product is good (I am sure it will become better). The value it provides is significant. And to top it up with customer engagement like this makes the engagement that much more delightful.

Read more about their review here –


The One Book You Need To Read on Dec 31

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As we end 2014, it is time to reflect and plan for the next year.  Whilst, most of us, will be planning on new goals, here is my suggestion!


Plan NOT to make any new year resolutions!

At least not yet.


Instead, think of what we should be doing – to ensure we can sustain beyond 48 hours! Without feeling defeated by not being able to adhere to our own resolutions! 


And the reason is simple why we fail.  It is because resolutions are “DIFFICULT TO KEEP”.  They are designed to fail- and we just CANNOT make them successful.


At least the majority of us. 


Instead, what is required is “MINI HABITS” – that will set you up for success.  In a way, where you trick your brain to think it is actually possible- and to make it happen.


May I suggest, you start with buying this book – and in keeping with the times, download it through Amazon and give it a read. It is easy- and you can finish it in a couple of hours.  


This book is especially very useful if you find making your commitments stick.   This is an easy read- and you will enjoy this.



This may be the best book to start your new year with! 


Try the book out.  And if you do decide to try out some of the ideas in it- I guarantee this to you- you will have a glorious time ahead.


So there.  All the best.


Have a grand 2015- and my wishes for the greatest year of your life.


Inspiring Poem from “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

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While reading the book “Think and Grow Rich”, I came across this beautiful poem.  This is the precursor to the numerous differently articulated messages from various authors and books (The Secret).  I was amazed with the book –and ask you all to read it – if you have not done so.

“I bargained with Life for a penny;  And Life would pay no more; However, I begged at evening;  When I counted my scanty store.”

“For Life is just a employer;  He gives you what you ask;  But once you have set the wages; Why, you must bear the task.”

“I worked for a menial’s hire; Only to learn, dismayed; That any wage I had asked of Life ; Life would have willingly paid.”

There are some excellent tips on how to reprogram one’s mind to get to a victory mindset (in this case- a Rich Mindset).  I loved the  language which has a tinge of the early 1900 English prose. 

Check it out.!



Freedom of Choice!

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Many companies & many people in their personal life, end up in a situation where they qualify it to be a No-Win situation. Many of them move into a shell & start being upset about their situation – and in many cases, lose heart – and in the bargain- lose the battle. 

Recently, I was reading this book – Boom!.  It gave me kind of refresher on changing my attitude, that I have started using this extensively….

Whilst the book has a number of other elements to talk about- one aspect that stood out (to me) was – the matter of Choice!


· The difference between ordinary people and extraordinary people is CHOICE.

· The freedom to choose may be the most power attribute and precious resource you have in your life.

· The Freedom to choose is yours alone to leverage or not. No one can grant it to you, and no one can take it away from you.

In your personal as well professional life- we just have to make that one choice – to work differently & look for Solutions (these are few) rather than problems (there are many).  But the choice is OURS to make – and I choose to look for solutions- and the opportunities rather than the problems.  

In the current situation, there are a number of things we cannot influence. However, we should actively look for areas that we can influence.  What do we choose to be today?

Choose to be a PLAYER- not a BYSTANDER.   We all have a choice to be a player- someone who is not standing idly on the ground, while a match is going on – but actively engaging with the other players in the team, and working towards a common goal of winning in this game. 

Players chose to focus on what they can control.

· You can control your attitude towards your boss and senior leaders & the business.

· You can control your ability to perform, to become a guru, a thought-leader, a go-to-person who is seen as adding value.

· You can control your approach when interacting with your boss and other leaders.

What can we do as a Star Team? – we may not be able to single-handedly change our company’s culture, but we can….

· Create a small pocket of success in your own area of influence that inspires others to take notice and behave differently towards us, and our team. Share it with the rest of the team. Let us celebrate all our success together.  Every small success will add a brick to our goal of being the OEM team in the world! (Why stop there – why not the best team in MS).

· Bring the right attitude. (Solutions – not problems)

· Avoid people who are tuned out and actively disengaged.

Another key element to becoming a very successful team is when EVERY member thinks like the OWNER of the company! Instead of being (and behaving like an employee), start behaving like an "Employer/ Owner" . Why would this be required?  (this was truly an eye-opener- and I believe each of should adopt this as our mantra).

Why Owners? –

· Owners step out from behind titles and job descriptions to act on behalf of the customer , partners and  the company.

· They never say "This is not my job" or "this is too big for me".

· Owners cater to the organization mission, vision and values. Non-owners cater to bosses.

· Owners focus on the business results of their actions

· Owners have the guts to ask the tough questions. They understand the consequences of complacency- and they aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo with the mantra "How can we make it better"

· Owners disregard functional boundaries to consider what’s goodf or the company as a whole.

· Owners pay attention to detail

Be the change you wish to see in the world – MK Gandhi

If you have stuck by till now – here is a quick homework for you.

Identify 3 activities you will take up immediately- take a pen & write it down- which will set you in the right direction. Think about your personal or professional life- and where you think you are not playing the role of a PLAYER- list it out- and start making a move to change that!  Things will be different.

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