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Is this an emerging Business Model?

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This is one of the most classical business growth & sale opportunity that I have seen.  And this could be the beginning of a series of such business models!

1. Create new idea

2. Prove that the idea works

3. Sell idea

4. Move onto the next $Million Dollar idea started around a month back…  The idea is super simple- and thanks to the viral effect, the site got a million visitors in the last 1 month!  Bao, 18 years old,  created, tested and is ready to sell the site now for a neat profit. In a span of less than 3 months!

The point is not about this site or about Bao making his millions!

It is more on the emerging business model where the power of the internet and some people’s ingenuity, gets new business models up and running – and sold by the time many people get a business plan written! 

This could be the beginning of a new era of businesses that are driven by a very niche need, generates a viral wave, tests the model, and is ready to be cashed in! 

Let me know if you have seen other such models out there that seems to be following this trend.