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Bhagavada Gita – One of the best lessons to learn

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In today’s otherwise busy world, here is something that I read, that brought a level of perspective rarely achieved.


Why do you worry ? Why are you scared ?
Whatever happened, it happened for good.
What is happening, is also happening for good.
Whatever will happen, that too will be for good.
What have you lost for which you weep?
What did you bring with you, which you have lost?
What did you produce, which has perished?
You did not bring anything when you were born.
Whatever you have, you have received from Him.
Whatever you will give, you will give to Him.
You came empty handed and you will go the same way.
Don’t be remorseful about the past , nor worry about the future. The present is before you .
What is yours today was someone else’s yesterday and It would be someone else’s the day after. You may think all of yours is for you to keep. This is the main cause of the sorrow.
Change is the nature of life. Remove the thought “Mine and yours” and “Little and big” from your mind. Then everything is yours and you belong to everyone.
Then what are you? surrender yourself to the higher power, the only source of your strength.
He who realizes this will be free from fear, worry and emotion.



The Trusted Advisor – by David H Maister

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Yet another business classic! Sometimes, a lot of effort in managing a business relationship (or even a personal relationship) – ends with limited results. And as in most other things in life, this also seems to have an equation that goes to solve our problems J

This book was a suggested reading by a Trainer who took a class for me earlier this year! And one thing that made me sit up & think real hard was the following equation:

T= (C+R+I)/S

Where T= Trust Factor

C= Credibility

R= Reliability


And most importantly S= Self Orientation

And after some introspection, I find it to be Simple & Brilliant!

One can have a very high score on C,R & I and still be so full of themselves (S), that it lowers your trust factor. Go figure!

And some very good tips on how to build the trust factor to maximize what you do in life!

Worth Reading.


Great Article: When NOT to trust your gut

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Have a look at this picture. What do you think? Are they similar or different?

My gut told me they are different!

I found this article from the Harvard Business School Professors very interesting & apt for many decisions we come to in life. To check out this article & the 4 steps they have recommended before you take any major decision here is the HBS Article



Getting Organized: Read this book: Organizing for Success : Kenneth Zeigler

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Trying to read books on getting some good tips on becoming more & more effective and maximize your day.

I realized, that while I was doing everything I could to get more from my day (clear desk, keep diary, have task lists, follow through on activities etc.), I was still not very happy. Hence, this extra piece of work to start looking at books that could help me get to the next level.

Was this useful?


I wanted to share some of the key learnings – which I thought was unique in this book…

Goals & Setting goals

  • This is something every Personal Productivity guru talks about & this was the same. What was however, different, was the 9 step process to set goals. It made it a whole lot simpler to go through the steps.
  • Again- not something that is not logical –but still something you may want to read & Try out.
  • I am tempted to put those 9 steps – but just wary of the copyright issues related to that J

Daily,Weekly and the Master List

  • The Master List was something totally new for me! I am used to working through the Daily Lists (Courtesy-Franklin) or the Weekly Lists (Courtesy Covey-Franklin)- but never looked at the Master List before. I tried it out and I find it to be a quite a unique and interesting concept. Does it work? Not sure – but testing & working on it. I find I can put a lot more into it. Developed a small excel sheet which I use to put my master list on – and can put dates into it as and when needed. Hopefully it will work out.

Veggie Principle

  • A Different view of looking at the most difficult job!
  • What was refreshing was to focus on 1 or 2 Veggies in a day and not more than that
  • Know what the “veggie” is….
  • I found this portion very useful!

The other elements were all ok & as per any other standard book you would find in the market – but these 3 key areas were, in my mind, unique & something which we can learn from.

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