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Great Article: When NOT to trust your gut

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Have a look at this picture. What do you think? Are they similar or different?

My gut told me they are different!

I found this article from the Harvard Business School Professors very interesting & apt for many decisions we come to in life. To check out this article & the 4 steps they have recommended before you take any major decision here is the HBS Article



Getting Organized: Read this book: Organizing for Success : Kenneth Zeigler

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Trying to read books on getting some good tips on becoming more & more effective and maximize your day.

I realized, that while I was doing everything I could to get more from my day (clear desk, keep diary, have task lists, follow through on activities etc.), I was still not very happy. Hence, this extra piece of work to start looking at books that could help me get to the next level.

Was this useful?


I wanted to share some of the key learnings – which I thought was unique in this book…

Goals & Setting goals

  • This is something every Personal Productivity guru talks about & this was the same. What was however, different, was the 9 step process to set goals. It made it a whole lot simpler to go through the steps.
  • Again- not something that is not logical –but still something you may want to read & Try out.
  • I am tempted to put those 9 steps – but just wary of the copyright issues related to that J

Daily,Weekly and the Master List

  • The Master List was something totally new for me! I am used to working through the Daily Lists (Courtesy-Franklin) or the Weekly Lists (Courtesy Covey-Franklin)- but never looked at the Master List before. I tried it out and I find it to be a quite a unique and interesting concept. Does it work? Not sure – but testing & working on it. I find I can put a lot more into it. Developed a small excel sheet which I use to put my master list on – and can put dates into it as and when needed. Hopefully it will work out.

Veggie Principle

  • A Different view of looking at the most difficult job!
  • What was refreshing was to focus on 1 or 2 Veggies in a day and not more than that
  • Know what the “veggie” is….
  • I found this portion very useful!

The other elements were all ok & as per any other standard book you would find in the market – but these 3 key areas were, in my mind, unique & something which we can learn from.

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