The future of India – Children of India

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I was recently in an Event organized by SKOCH.  They had this bunch of school kids from Sangram in Arunachal Pradesh (north east India for those who are not sure :)) who came and gave a dance. To my surprise, they, then went to on make a small presentation to tell us about their village – and the hardships they face.  Despite the tremendous hardships, I was touched by their hopes for the future- and how they had high expectations of the future- and the country.   It also showed me just how little I know about the realities of rural India.  They opened my eyes to the challenges- and the sheer opportunity we have, as a country. 

Education is key- and there is significant opportunity for making an impact in that space.  Do think about what you an do in this space. Impacting even 1 child in some meaningful way, makes a huge difference to a bigger audience. 

And then I remembered  this video from Times of India. Truly touching.