In pursuit of Wow… A must read

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I was cleaning up my book shelf and picked up one of the oldest books in my collection… Tom Peter’s The Pursuit of Wow.  One of my favourite books, I strongly recommend anyone who is interested to start making a difference in what they do.. however,mundane your job may be.  It will definitely have something that will change your life in some manner.

I had bought it in 1995 and one of the most read books in my collection 🙂

Here was one of the things I had marked- and while glancing through it, it made me realize just how relevant it is today as it was in those days.

Here is what employees at New England Securities are told…. 

  1. Take risks. Don’t play it safe.
  2. Make mistakes. Don’t try to avoid them.
  3. Take initiative. Don’t wait for instructions.
  4. Spend energy on Solutions, not on emotions.
  5. Shoot for total quality. Don’t shave standards.
  6. Break things. It is the first step in the creative process.
  7. Focus on opportunities. Not on problems.
  8. Experiment.
  9. Take personal responsibility for fixing things. Don’t blame others for what you don’t like.
  10. Try easier, not harder.
  11. Stay Calm.
  12. Smile.
  13. Have fun.

How true. 

Imagine if you are able to bring the same level of thinking and action to your jobs.

Start doing these things & see the results.

Be different!

Be a player – not the audience!